Version: 4.0.0

InterMine Video Tutorial Collection

Welcome to InterMine's online video tutorial collection. Here, you can find out how to work with InterMine databases. You'll also find a PDF version of each tutorial so that you can work through the examples off-line.

Getting Started#

If you're new to InterMine, it's probably best to see the 'FlyMine Lightning Overview' tutorial first.

Getting Started with InterMine

A quick introduction to InterMine's web interface using the FlyMine database.


Lists and Template Searches#

Lists: InterMine's List creation tool helps you upload a List of identifiers - most commonly Genes, Proteins or SNPs. See how to upload a list of Gene.

Templates: To help with data analysis, InterMine includes a library of Template searches. These are predefined searches designed to perform a particular task. Each one has a description and a form to fill in.

List Upload

This tutorial shows you how to upload a List of Gene identifiers.


Using Template Searches

This tutorials shows you how to analyse data with InterMine's predefined Template searches.


See for a list of all available videos.