Version: 4.0.0


Select a Data Type to Begin a Query#

types in bold

Tag types with im:preferredBagType tag. Use the model browser to tag classes, eg.

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Most text in InterMine can be set in, see Text and messages.

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Set in file

query builder#


Which columns appear when you click on SUMMARY button are set in WebConfigModel.


Add fields to the ObjectStore Summary file to have their form fields autocomplete.

Hiding fields#

In your webconfig-model.xml, set a property showInQB for a<fieldconfig /> to true to hide a field from a Class.

An example of hiding an attribute field:

<class className="org.intermine.model.testmodel.Manager">
<fieldconfig fieldExpr="age" showInQB="false"/>

An example of hiding a Reference or a Collection field:

<class className="org.intermine.model.testmodel.Manager">
<fieldconfig fieldExpr="address" showInQB="false"/>