Version: 4.0.0


InterMine web-applications rely on a server to deliver static files such as JavaScript and CSS. The default location for this server is "". Installing your own CDN may increase web site performance.

Setting up your own Content Delivery Network#

This dependency is easy to remove. You can host all these files yourself from any location. We recommend doing the following:

  • Cloning your own copy of the CDN. This means you have local copies of all the files.
  • Making the root directory of your checkout visible through a web-server (an Apache 'alias' directive is sufficient). These resources should be accessible through CORS enabled web-servers - see
  • Change the value of the 'head.cdn.location' property in your web-app. This is currently configured in '' as head.cdn.location =
  • Supply the location of your CDN at runtime to JavaScript components that may use it: Set the option "CDN.server" to the appropriate URL (see Setting Javascript Options)