Version: 4.0.0

Data Categories

Data category pages include various aspects of a concept on a single page. Category pages include:

  • logo
  • short description
  • external links
  • bulk download queries
  • template queries
  • direct links to QueryBuilder

All of the above should relate to a single concept, eg. Genomics or Interactions.

Data categories are defined in aspects.xml.


<aspect name="Genomics">
<subtitle>Genome annotation</subtitle>
The gene structure and other genome annotation in FlyMine are provided by
a variety of curated source databases. In most cases FlyMine includes
all genome features that have chromosomal locations (eg. genes and repeat regions).
<aspect-source name="FlyBase" url=""/>
<aspect-source name="Ensembl" url=""/>


  • logo
    • <icon-image>model/genomics.gif</icon-image> - appears on the home and data category pages
    • <large-image>model/genomics.gif</large-image> - appears on the individual data category page
  • short description
    • <intro-text>TEXT HERE</intro-text>
    • appears at the top of the data category page
  • external links
  • bulk download queries
    • appears at the top right corner of the data category page
  • template queries
    • appears on the data category page
  • direct links to QueryBuilder
    • links will appear at the bottom of the data categories page

To configure which template queries appear on a data category page, tag the template.

Data page/tab#

The data tab points to this JSP file intermine/webapp/main/resources/webapp/dataCategories.jsp. You can overwrite this file and display your own customised file by putting a JSP in your /webapp directory.