Version: 4.0.0

Guide to Customising BlueGenes


Certain features of the BlueGenes app are controlled by parameters set in the file. These properties are also used in the current webapp user interface.

default examples for the ID resolverbag.example.identifiersbag.example.identifiers.protein=Q8T3M3,FBpp0081318,FTZ_DROME and bag.example.identifiers=CG9151, FBgn0000099 (one per type)
default separatorslist.upload.delimiters\n\t,
default regionsearchgenomicRegionSearch.*H. sapiens (note: please do not use long format, e.g. Homo sapiens)
default query builder queryservices.defaults.query"{ \"from\": \"Gene\", \"select\": [ \"secondaryIdentifier\", \"symbol\", \"primaryIdentifier\", \"\" ], \"orderBy\": [ { \"path\": \"secondaryIdentifier\", \"direction\": \"ASC\" } ], \"where\": [ { \"path\": \"\", \"op\": \"=\", \"value\": \"Drosophila melanogaster\", \"code\": \"A\" } ] }"
default keyword searchquickSearch.identifierse.g. PPARG, Insulin, rs876498

Please see Features for details on these parameters.


BlueGenes uses the following parameters defined in the ~/.intermine/$ file.

location of JavaScript toolsbluegenes.toolLocation/intermine/tools/node_modules/
base URL for requests to the InterMine instancewebapp.baseurl
path appended to the base URLwebapp.pathflymine
name of your InterMine instance as it will be displayed in BlueGenesproject.titleBioTestMine

will be displayed in BlueGenes#

Please see Database and Web application for details on this property file.