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Data Sets

Load an XML file with details of your data sets and associated information, e.g. description and URL

Types of data loaded#

Update data source and data set entries

How to download the data#

Create your own datasets.xml file with your data in InterMine items XML format and put in your mine's dbmodel/resources directory so that it's on your classpath.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<item id="09" class="" implements="DataSource">
<attribute name="name" value="NCBI"/>
<attribute name="description" value="National Centre for Biotechnology Information"/>
<attribute name="url" value=""/>
<item id="10" class="" implements="DataSet">
<attribute name="name" value="Homo sapiens genome sequence"/>
<attribute name="description" value="Release GRCh38 of the Homo sapiens genome sequence"/>
<attribute name="version" value="GRCh38.p12"/>
<attribute name="url" value=""/>
<reference name="dataSource" ref_id="09"/>

How to load the data into your mine#

project XML example

<source name="flymine-static" type="flymine-static">
<property name="" location="/data/datasets.xml"/>