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Class keys

Specify keys for the classes in your data model by adding them to the file. This lets the webapp know how to uniquely identify objects of these classes. Users can then upload lists of such objects.

  • Fields specified in this file will be links in the results table in the webapp.
  • Only objects with key fields defined can be saved in lists.

Keys defined in the file are also used to boost the search visibility of their associated classes.

The file specifies the keys used to generate the permanent navigable URL which is used in the "SHARE" button in the report pages. If not specified, the primaryidentifier key is used.


Given the above configuration, in FlyMine, the URL of the report page for the pentose phosphate pathway with identifier 00030, will be No need to specify the keys for the core model classes (e.g. protein, publication...).

See Permanent URLs for details on permanent URLs.

See FlyMine's class keys for an example class keys file.