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Acceptance Tests

How to run the tests#

  1. Add a file to MINE_NAME/dbmodel/resources, eg.


  2. Run acceptance tests here:

~/git/flymine $ ./gradlew runAcceptanceTests

The results will be in MINE_NAME/dbmodel/build/acceptance_test.html

Types of tests#

You can assert that a query returns true:

assert {
sql: select count(*) >= 400000 from goannotation

Or doesn't have any results:

no-results {
sql: select * from datasource where url is null or name is null or description is null
note: all fields of data source should be filled in

Or has at least some results:

some-results {
sql: select * from organism where name = 'Anopheles gambiae'
note: We should have an Anopheles gambiae object but not an Anopheles gambiae PEST one