Version: 5.0.0



Download two tables:

  • genes.txt.table
  • ortholog.txt.table

Project XML#

<source name="treefam" type="treefam">
<property name="" location="/DATA/treefam"/>
<property name="" value="ortholog.txt.table"/>
<property name="geneFile" value="/DATA/treefam/genes.txt.table"/>
<property name="treefam.organisms" value="7227 6239 7165 4932"/>
<property name="treefam.homologues" value="9606 10090 10116 7955"/>
  • '''treefam.organisms''' - all genes from the listed organisms will be processed
  • '''treefam.homologues''' (optional) - genes will only be loaded into the database if they are a homologue of an organism of interest