Welcome to the InterMine internships homepage! We’re excited that you’re interested in an internship with InterMine!

About InterMine

InterMine is a world-leading open source biological data warehouse, based at the University of Cambridge. There are nearly thirty instances of public InterMines, covering a range of subjects from organisms like mice and rats, mines dedicated to plants such as the soybean, insects like the fruitflies or bees and wasps, and even mines dedicated to mitochondrial DNA and discovering drug targets. You can see a full list in the InterMine Registry, which incidentally was a project carried out by a GSoC 2017 student!

We’re interested in mentoring students with computer science, informatics (bioinformatics, cheminformatics, etc.) or computational biology experience and/or demonstrable interest.

You don’t have to be a biologist to work on InterMine related projects - many of the full time developers on the team didn’t come from a biology background.

We use a range of languages in our projects, but most commonly you’ll see Java, Python, Perl, Clojure/ClojureScript, and JavaScript. Each instance of InterMine has its own set of web services, and there are client libraries in six different languages.

Browse through our GitHub repos to see more of our projects: https://github.com/intermine

Why InterMine?

InterMine is a mature stable software package used by thousands of scientists daily around the world. The InterMine team are deeply passionate about open source and open science, and InterMine has a vibrant community. You’ll get valuable experience solving real world problems using modern tools.

You can read more about how Google Summer of Code went in previous years with InterMine in our blog. We are participating in Outreachy for the first time this year with a goal to increase diversity in technology. If you belong to a community that is underrepresented in tech, you should definitely apply.

Get started

Review the application advice for students section, which has details on how to apply for GSoC and Outreachy with InterMine.

Contribute to InterMine! (outside of GSoC and Outreachy)

For GSoC applications, your proposal is more important than making PRs or prototypes. However - if you’d like to start contributing to InterMine, you’re welcome to do this anytime, not just GSoC and Outreachy! We have a list of available issues to pick up in the InterMine contributing guide