Version: 5.0.0


Occasionally, something may go wrong with your webapp. In our experience, following the steps listed here should fix ~99% of any problems you encounter.

Restart Tomcat#

Restarting Tomcat may fix your issue. If you find you have to restart Tomcat often, you may want to give Tomcat more memory.

Also, if in a deadlock, Tomcat may not shutdown successfully. Be sure to check the Tomcat process really is gone before starting a new one.

Verify file#

The base-url property must be valid or else, queries will not run properly.

This file must live in the .intermine directory.

Verify Tomcat config#

Please make sure you have configured Tomcat correctly. See Tomcat

Force recompile#

Run this command in your webapp directory:

$ ./gradlew clean

Verify /build is gone from your webapp directory.

Re-release webapp#

$ ./gradlew cargoReDeployRemote