Version: 5.0.0

Quick Start

This guide will show you how to create a BioTestMine InterMine instance. You will need all the dependencies listed in Software

Note Please see Tutorial, a detailed guide to integrating data with InterMine.

1. Get the software#

Clone the repository

~/git/ $ git clone

You now have an InterMine! This tutorial goes into detail about the various files that comprise an InterMine.

2. Add a mine properties file#

Your InterMine uses a properties file for database usernames and passwords, let's create that file now.

Make an intermine directory in your home directory.

# change to be in your home directory
~/git $ cd
# make an intermine directory
~ $ mkdir .intermine

Copy the properties file from the git repository to your local InterMine directory.

~/.intermine $ cp ~/git/biotestmine/data/

Now update your new properties files with the values correct for your InterMine. Replace PSQL_USER and PSQL_PWD with your postgres username and password.

See Database and Web application for details on this file and what each property means.

3. Set up your search index (optional)#

Solr handles the keyword search in InterMine. See Solr for details on how to set Solr up for your mine.

If you skip this step, your mine will work fine but the keyword search will fail.

4. Build + deploy your webapp#

Now run the build!

~/git/biotestmine $ ./

Your build (depending on your server) will take a few minutes to run.

Next steps#

Congratulations! You now have an InterMine! Visit it at localhost:8080/biotestmine.

Next you will want to: