Version: 5.0.0

Home page

Note This text describes how to customize the homepage of your mine.

Note See also General Layout for whole app look & feel

RSS/Blog Feed#

To add the RSS feed at the bottom right corner of the page, add the following to your MINE properties file (in .intermine file):

project.rss = http://<your_blog>/<your_feed_url>



Two latest entries will be shown in the box. If you want to provide a link underneath the entry listing to your blog, add the following to the config file: = http://<your_blog>


By default InterMine credit is added to the bottom of the page.


To add additional funders, use the properties in the file:

You can also use a variation containing text that will be displayed to the right of the image. The text property supports markdown.**HumanMine** has been funded by the [Wellcome Trust](