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General Layout

This page describes how to customise the look & feel of the whole InterMine webapp.


The logo is independent from any themes and is located here MINE_NAME/webapp/src/main/webapp/model/images/logo.png. The recommended size is 45px x 43px. An example:

FlyMine's logo


These parameters are returned by the branding API end point, and are used by the new user interface BlueGenes and external applications, e.g. the InterMine iOS app, the InterMine registry and the InterMine R client. Add the the following properties to your

branding.images.logoThe image's URL
branding.colors.header.mainMain colour for your mine, defaults to grey, #595455
branding.colors.header.textText colour for your mine, defaults to white, #fff

As example, the FlyMine's configuration:

branding.images.logo =
branding.colors.header.main = #5c0075
branding.colors.header.text = #fff

FlyMine's layout


The favicon is a small icon displayed beside the tab or window title in the web browser.

The favicon itself should be located in <your_mine>/webapp/src/main/webapp/model/images/favicon.ico, and BlueGenes will use it if it's present for the default mine (otherwise it will fallback to the InterMine logo).

You can also configure a favicon for BlueGenes (useful if you have one webapp serving multiple mines) by adding it as a resource under the resources/public/favicon.ico path.


If you want to generate a favicon from an image, use this Dynamic Drive tool.



in Features, change the "cite" text

Other properties#


in Web application name and location, configure the name of the mine


in Web application name and location, configure the version of the mine


in Web application name and location, configure the subtitle showing in the header