Disparate data in, unified data out

InterMine integrates biological data sources, making it easy to query and analyse data.

InterMine is open source (LGPL 2.1) and free to use.

It's a software system that you can install on your own servers to make data available on the web.

There are many different InterMines worldwide, covering a broad range of model organisms and life science research areas.

InterMine combines multiple data sources into a single queryable source

There's an InterMine for (almost) anyone

With InterMine you can explore organism and other research data provided by many different organizations, moving between databases using criteria such as homology.

This is a sample of the InterMine installations available - click on one to go straight to that service, or visit the registry to see a list of all public InterMine databases.

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InterMine Features

Dynamic data tables

InterMine's tables allow you to easily drill down into data. It's easy to filter data, add additional columns, navigate to report pages.

Try it yourself!

Try clicking on the icon in the ontology term namespace and filtering the column to show only one term.

Run queries in many languages

Try clicking on the "Generate Python code" button - or use the dropdown to choose a different language. You can then easily copy/paste the queries to your scripts.

Shown in table: GO terms related to the Drosophila gene "zen". Data drawn from FlyMine.