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If we have helped your research, please cite us and help us to maintain funding:

InterMine citation

If you use the InterMine framework in your research, we would appreciate it if you cite the following publications:
  • InterMine: a flexible data warehouse system for the integration and analysis of heterogeneous biological data. Smith RN, Aleksic J, Butano D, Carr A, Contrino S, Hu F, Lyne M, Lyne R, Kalderimis A, Rutherford K, Stepan R, Sullivan J, Wakeling M, Watkins X, Micklem G. Bioinformatics (2012) 28 (23): 3163-3165. View on PubMed
  • InterMine: extensive web services for modern biology. Kalderimis A, Lyne R, Butano D, Contrino S, Lyne M, Heimbach J, Hu F, Smith R, StÄ›pán R, Sullivan J, Micklem G. Nucleic Acids Res. 2014 Jul; 42 (Web Server issue): W468-72 View on PubMed
See the InterMine Zotero group for the full list of InterMine publications.

Citing Us

Citing software is just as important as citing any other important sources in your research. If you’re not sure whether or not to cite something, Shouldacite can help you decide if you should (hint, the answer’s probably yes!). Please cite us if you use InterMine to do any of the following activities:
  • Create your own instance of InterMine
  • Use an InterMine to gather data for your research
  • Used an InterMine API to create an interesting or exciting application or script
Also, don’t forget to let us know about it! We love hearing from our community members, and we’d love to add your publication or citation to our list! You can also join our open Zotero group and add publications directly.


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