Select a project

Browse our project ideas list. If you’re interested in a specific project, read the project description in detail and there should be a “Get started” section that will let you know what to do next. Please feel free to pop onto the #GSoC channel on our chat server if you get stuck or have questions.

Custom projects

We’re open to project proposals that aren’t on this list. If you think you might have an idea that utilises the InterMine APIs, data, or codebase in some way, contact us to discuss it.

Getting started

  • Take the FlyMine tutorial or watch some helpful videos. InterMine has lots of mines (see the registry), FlyMine is an InterMine instance loaded with fruit fly data. This is how people access data in an InterMine using the web browser.
  • Take the Python or Perl InterMine tutorials. InterMine has client libraries in Python, Perl, JavaScript, R and Java. This is how people access data in an InterMine using the command line. We also have an early JavaScript tutorial under development.

Now you have a pretty good idea of how people use InterMine to search genomic data!


  • We have an InterMine proposal template that we recommend you use.
  • Your project description should have clear guidelines to help you write a successful proposal.

Proposal Guidelines

We expect to receive, as we did last year, lots of high quality applications. So please do give your application some thought!

  • Follow the InterMine proposal template exactly!
  • A clear understanding of the problem we need solved.
  • A clear plan of action. What are you going to actually do?
  • Milestones should be achievable and realistic.
  • Things happen! We can’t foresee every problem! We are happy to see proposals that say “I will do A and B. If there is time, I will do C.”
  • Read the proposal from one of our successful 2018 applicants to get an idea of what a good proposal might look like.

We are happy to read your proposal and give you feedback. Please allow for a few days for us to get back to you – don’t wait until the last minute!