Welcome to the InterMine GSoC homepage!


We’re excited that you’re interested in GSoC with InterMine! Feel free to browse our project ideas list and please review the InterMine application guidelines. If you’re interested in a project, please email all mentors listed for the project. We’ll be happy to discuss the projects in more detail.

For GSoC applications, your proposal is more important than making PRs or prototypes. However - if you’d like to start contributing to InterMine, you’re welcome to do this anytime, not just GSoC!

To get started:

  • Take the FlyMine tutorial. InterMine has lots of mines (see the registry), FlyMine is an InterMine instance loaded with fruit fly data. This is how people access data using InterMine using the web browser.
  • Take the Python or Perl InterMine tutorials. InterMine has client libraries in Python, Perl, JavaScript and Java. This is how people access data using InterMine using the command line.

Now you have a pretty good idea of how people use InterMine to search genomic data!

Check out these locations:

Finally, if none of those suit you we are happy to hear about your project ideas. Can you think of new features or improvements for InterMine? Maybe a new tutorial or data visualisation? Contact us directly by email, or a good place to discuss is on our chat server or our public dev mailing list.

You can read more about how Google Summer of Code went in previous years with InterMine in our blog.


If you’re an active InterMine user, developer, or maintainer, and you have an interesting idea you’d like to suggest and/or mentor, please either email yo at intermine.org, make a pull request or issue on our GSoC repo, or contact us.