Community calls

We host two types of community calls, Developer Calls and Community Outreach Calls, aimed at slightly different but overlapping audiences.

Developer Calls

InterMine developer calls are held roughly once a month, on the first tuesday of the month, generally at 17:00 UK time (with occasional time shifts around daylight savings clock changes). These calls are generally techie-oriented and consist of topics such as:
  • Upcoming technical updates to InterMine.
  • Discussions regarding the InterMine data model.
  • General updates, e.g. upcoming training events, Google Summer of Code, conferences.
The call is open to anyone, but developers and InterMine admins are especially encouraged to attend. Calls are shown on the InterMine Calendar , and agendas with joining instructions are sent to the developer mailing list before every call.

Community Outreach Calls

If you’re an organisation that runs an InterMine, there’s a good chance you have (or wish to have!) a community around you that may need engagement, training, support, and encouragement to join in. We run quarterly Community Outreach calls, where we talk about different ways to run a successful, happy community. The call info ( 2019 , 2018 ) is always posted on GitHub so others can comment openly and add suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics does the outreach call cover?

We try to cover any and all topics related to working with your community - whether this might be bringing in new contributors, preprints and open science, training your community members, addressing diversity and inclusivity, managing social media streams, interesting upcoming events, etc. We generally have 1-2 guest speakers per call.

What sort of audience attends this call?

Our call audience is generally between 10 and 30 people, a mixture of InterMine users, curators, students, invited speakers, developers, and sometimes also attendees from outside the InterMine community who are interested in the call topics. We avoid any overly techie themes in these calls, as backgrounds vary.

Do I have to be in Cambridge?

No, all our calls are conducted remotely, generally via Zoom. Joining links are always announced on the call agendas ( 2019 , 2018 ).